Amon Amarth - Wrath Of The Northsmen


Amon Amarth - Wrath Of The Northsmen3DVD
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    3 DVDs, 5 Shows, 7 Stunden, 5.1 Surround - mehr Zahlen geht nicht ;)


    DVD 1


    2.An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm4:36 
    3.Pursuit Of Vikings5:57 
    4.Ride For Vengeance4:55 
    5.Masters Of War5:16 
    6.The Last With Pagan Blood5:38 
    7.Once Sealed In Blood5:23 
    8.Bastards Of A Lying Breed5:41 
    9.Fate Of Norns6:01 
    10.Thousand Years Of Opression6:06 
    11.Vs. The World5:55 
    12.North Sea Storm5:29 
    13.Releasing Surtur's Fire5:32 
    14.Annihilation Of Hammerfest5:42 
    15.Frieds Of The Suncross5:02 
    17.Amon Amarth11:54 
    18.For The Stabwounds In Our Backs5:32 
    19.Where Silent Gods Stand Guard6:53 
    20.Bleed For The Ancient Gods4:25 
    21.Victorious March7:56 
    22.Death In Fire7:44

    DVD 2
    2.An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm4:37 
    3.Pursuit Of Vikings6:47 
    4.Releasing Surtur's Fire6:00 
    5.Masters Of War5:24 
    6.Fate Of Norns6:12 
    7.Thousand Years Of Opression7:42 
    8.Vs. The World6:18 
    9.For The Stabwounds In Our Backs4:57 
    10.Victorious March8:00 
    11.Death In Fire7:41 
    12.Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds6:02 
    13.Dragon's Flight Across The Waves5:10 
    14.God, His Son And The Holy Whore4:26 
    15.The Sound Of Eight Hooves5:46 
    16.Thor Arise5:03 
    17.Fall Through Ginnungagap5:50 
    18.Burning Creation5:32 
    19.And Soon The World Will Cease To Be6:35 
    20.Valkuries Ride5:39 
    21.Pursuit Of Vikings6:00 
    22.Beheading Of A King5:38 
    23.Revenge Of The Zombie (Six Feet Under)4:11 
    24.Death In Fire5:42

    DVD 3
    1.Where Silent Gods Stand Guard5:59 
    2.The Sound Of Eight Hooves4:56 
    4.Death In Fire5:40 
    5.Pursuit Of Vikings4:41 
    6.Bastards Of A Lying Breed5:53 
    7.Masters Of War5:45 
    8.Vs. The World5:26 
    9.Bleed For The Ancient Gods6:04 
    10.For The Stabwounds In Our Backs5:47 
    11.Vs. The World6:27 
    12.Masters Of War5:40 
    13.North Sea Storm6:13 
    14.Thousand Years Of Opression5:57 
    16.The Last With Pagan Blood6:28 
    17.An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm5:28 
    18.Pursuit Of Vikings4:47 
    19.Fate Of Norns6:27 
    20.Once Sealed With Blood6:38 
    21.Death In Fire5:01 
    22.The Sound Of Eight Hooves5:49 
    23.Bleed For Ancient Gods6:37 
    24.Where Silent Gods Stand Guard6:11 
    25.Victorious March8:36
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