LP packing

With every vinyl order you can choose whether we should remove your LPs from the seal or not. This service is of course free of charge for you.

Some customers have asked us in the past to avoid seam split (pushing the LP through the shell).

However, without your OK, we cannot do that! Because you order the LPs packed as we get them from the label. From a legal point of view, we will damage the goods if we remove them from the case without your consent.

So if you say "yes" to it, the following happens: We open the seal, remove the PCB including the inner cover and slide it outside of the actual cover back into the outer packaging. We do not guarantee that this will NOT result in a seam split. We also refer to our General Terms and Conditions, which regulates that sealed sound carriers can only be exchanged after they have been sealed. Please note that.

Some labels basically deliver their vinyls without outer packaging. Since we don't always know this in advance, but we often set the goods earlier in preparation, the question always appears for every PCB - even if it is not welded at all. So do not wonder. wink

If you have any questions on the topic, please write to us!